Plan B

A few years ago I purchased a book called, How I Got Published: Famous Authors Tell You In Their Own Words, by Ray White and Duane Lindsay.  Rereading some of the essays made me think about my own journey.

I’ve always dreamed of getting a book published by a big time publisher, receiving a hefty advance and going on a multi-city book tour, all expenses paid.  My dreams will have to wait.  After countless query letters to agents and publishers and getting rejected, I implemented Plan B -self publishing.

Initially, I was unsure about this route. How much did self publishing really cost? What would my book look like? Would my book ever get into a bookstore?  Armed with these questions I started looking for a publisher and eventually found iUniverse.

Self publishing requires more legwork, but it’s a blessing in disguise. For the first timer, self publishing means you’ll learn more about the writing industry and be forced to find creative ways to get the word out about your story.

As a self published writer you’ll assist with the cover design, develop the marketing plan and follow up with bookstore owners and the media to insure coverage.  As writers we’re not used to this. It’s much easier sitting back and leaving these details to someone else while we work on the next project.

My advice to the new writer who hasn’t found a publisher is not to give up on your dream but to persevere and then consider the self publishing option. It could take you to the next level.


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